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The purchase of a stairlift

A stairlift is an important tool for many people. If you can not independently use the stairs than a stair lift can be a good outcome. In other cases, it is not yet clear whether the stairlift should be installed immediately. Because, for example, planned surgery and you do not know the outcome. A stairlift may be a temporary solution. In most cases, a stairlift is tailor-made and adjusted to your personal home situation. That is why it is difficult to determine in advance exactly how much a stairlift will take you cost. Comparing the prices of stairlifts is therefore not easy and can be an intensive quest for you. We would like to help you indicate exactly what you can expect.

How affordable is a stairlift?

Discover for yourself how affordable a stairlift can be. The price of a stairlift depends on the size of your home or living space, or what the exact width of your staircase is, but also on a number of other factors. Which price can you expect? A more luxurious version of the chair will be more expensive, for example. But a regular chair has no extra cost. The price of the stairlift really depends a lot on your personal preference and the specific kind of stairlift you want. You can of course clearly see all the price differences mentioned in the quotations. Always ask for several stairlift quotes on.

What price can you expect?

The price of the stairlift depends on the kind of stairlift that you want. For example, a normal stairlift usually costs considerably less than a more luxurious version. The number curves that a stairlift has to make ensures a higher rate. For a stairlift that has to make more than two bends, you can take into account a price from £ 5,000. While a stair lift for straight stairs is already possible from £ 2,000. A straight staircase is therefore usually the cheapest option. This is partly due to the installation of the stairlift. After all, this is much easier on a straight staircase. The more bends, the more difficult it becomes to assemble the stairlift. You will of course also see this reflected in the various quotations.

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Different suppliers

There are several suppliers of stairlifts . A number of well-known suppliers are for example Handicare, TKE, Acorn, Stannah, Otolift. Which supplier you choose naturally also influences the price. With some suppliers you have the option of renting a lift to rent. suppliers of stairlifts where you can rent elevators include Otolift and Triwa. There are even a number of suppliers where you can order second-hand lifts. You will of course also pay a lower amount for this. Suppliers where you can purchase a reconditioned stailrlift is Smienk. The best supplier to choose depends on your own wishes.

Installing the stairlift

The installation of a stairlift does not take that long. The stairlift is usually ready for use within a few hours. You do not have to worry about permanent damage to the stairs. Installing a stairlift on curved stairs is more complex, which means that the assembly takes more time. The stairlift should always be installed by an experienced technician. The technician will then check the lift thoroughly. When it is certain that the lift has been installed correctly, the stairlift is ready for use.

Maintenance of a stairlift

Once the stairlift has been installed, it is also important that it remains in good condition. Usually one service is enough per year. You also get one year free maintenance from most suppliers. Lift maintenance. companies have different elevator maintenance contracts to choose from. It is important that you choose a technician who has sufficient experience with your type of lift. If you want to prevent the warranty from expiring, it is advisable to have the stairs checked at least once a year.

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Stairlift on the NHS

Can I get a stairlift on the NHS? The NHS doesn't directly provide funding to pay for a stairlift. However, your local council or social services can arrange a free home assessment where an Occupational Therapist will visit you in your home to see what adaptations may help you with your mobility issues.

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