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Home lift: what should you pay attention to when purchasing?

The purchase of a home lift can be a wise idea if you have difficulty walking. Even when you can no longer walk the stairs independently, a lift in the house a good option. For example, a a home lift for a wheelchair is now an excellent way to make you mobile again in your home. Today, many people who are still fine choose stairs can walk for a home lift. An elevator in the house is also a luxury and it can also increase the value of your home. Would you like to have a lift installed in your home? Then we would like to inform you about everything that comes with it. You can also contact us for three free home lift quotes.

What price can you expect?

The costs of a home lift depend on a few factors. For example, the costs for installing a lift depend on your living situation . The costs also depend on the type of lift what you have your eye on, the extra options and what kind of finish you want. In addition, it is important that you also take into account future energy and maintenance costs . An inexpensive home lift without shaft with two stops is available from € 11,000. If you want a lift with more than two stops, the costs will add up. The more stops, the higher the price.

Home elevator

Installing a home lift

A lot of preparation is required before the lift can be installed. For example, the lift shaft to be built, for example, an opening may have to be made for the lift and electricity cables must be laid. How long the preparation takes will differ per home. The installation must always be performed by a professional, because the elevator must be extremely safe. The average lift must be able to transport 500 kilograms, including the weight of the elevator itself. There are of course several safety requirements that must be met, so it is essential that a professional lift technician takes care of the installation.

What dimensions do you need?

There are several dimensions to choose from. Most home lifts have a minimum surface of 100 x 120 centimeters. The dimensions you need depend on your requirements and wishes. For example, is the lift intended for someone with a wheelchair? Then, an area of 100 x 125 cm already suitable. If an attendant also has to fit in the lift, an area of 110 x 125 cm is sufficient. You can also opt for a big lift with a surface such as 200 x 140 centimeters. An elevator with these dimensions may also be suitable for a wheel chair with a plurality of guides.

The maintenance of the elevator

Most elevator suppliers give you the first year for free maintenance. The home lift is actually very maintenance-friendly, but we can nevertheless recommend that you take out a maintenance contract. This way you can be sure that the home lift is in good working order. You hardly need to maintain the lift yourself, you only have to clean it.

Different requirements and conditions

We would like to give you a complete and good picture of what is involved in purchasing and installing a lift. For example, it is not legally required to leave the lift annually approve but this is recommended. For example, the elevator shaft is an essential part of an elevator and must meet a number of conditions. You can find all these conditions here at Lift Offers. The sound what a lift makes can also influence the choice you make in terms of lift. For people who are disabled, it is important that fit a wheelchair in the elevator. Sometimes the wheelchair with attendant must fit in the lift. There are other requirements attached to this before the lift can be constructed and installed. The maintenance of a home lift also differs per type of lift. What also affects maintenance is the number of lift movements that are made per day and how many people are transported on average at a time.

Style and interior

The elevator interior is another choice that is very personal in style. You can choose from a luxury variant such as doors with glass, or a less luxurious version. In short, you can choose from countless materials, designs and configurations. The lift can be manufactured with a high-quality finish. The elevator car also varies in material and durability. The elevator car also has a door, for example, and it can also be made of glass.

Energy and Motors

In addition, the energy consumption of the elevator is not entirely unimportant. Is consumption low or high? You can reduce this, for example, by using energy-saving lift components. The motors vary in power and are hydraulically driven or driven by a worm gear, the so-called traction lifts. These are available in two variants "geared" and "gearless".

Would you like to know what a lift will cost you? Then you can request several free quotes from us Request home lift quotes . In this way you never pay more than necessary. Do you have any other questions about the home lift? Even then you can rest assured contact with us, we are happy to help.

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