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What are the dimensions of a home lift

Most standard home lifts require a minimum surface of 100 by 120cm. The exact dimensions may differ from the standard types, but the approximate dimensions of standard home elevators come down to the following:

  • Small home lift of 100 by 125 cm -> suitable for an electric wheelchair

  • Medium home lift of 110 by 125 cm -> suitable for an electric wheelchair including attendant

  • Large home lift of 200 by 140 cm -> suitable for an electric wheelchair including several attendants


Largest outer size

Smallest outside size

HE1 Butler

88 x 84 cm

88 x 134 cm

HE2 Vectorv

116 x 127.5 cm

140 x 210 cm

HE3 Residence

73 x 115 cm

160 x 152.5 cm

HE5 Elegance

73 x 115 cm

152 x 144.5 cm

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