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Installation of a house lift

When installing a home lift, some construction work is usually carried out first before preparing the construction site. This involves making the opening in the floor, laying electrical cables and / or laying bricks for theshaft. The total installation time therefore depends on the preparatory construction work for the installation of the home lift.

Conditions for the installation

The installation of the home lift should always be performed by a professional lift technician. First of all, the installation must be safe. The installation must also be carried out accurately and cleanly, since the lift must be able to transport an average of 500 kilos, plus the weight of the home lift itself. Safety requirements and legal standards play a major role here.

Renovation required for a home lift

The installation of the home lift also includes a not too large renovation of your home . An lift shaft is no longer needed for the home lift, so the space occupied by the lift is limited. The ceiling (s) do have to be broken through and finished again in order to be able to install the home lift, but this is relatively a minor structural intervention. The installation of a home lift is therefore relatively simple and can be realized quickly.

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