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Due to the maximum speed of 0.15 meters per second, the home lift falls under the machinery directive and not under the lifts directive. This brings a number of advantages for the home lift, for example, the costs for purchase and maintenance are much lower and the lift does not have to be periodically inspected.

From a structural point of view, it is also much easier to install a home lift, so no machine room, roof structure or lift pit is required. This makes home lifts also suitable to be placed in a private home, in contrast to a conventional passenger lift. The standard size of a home lift is 100 x 125 cm, in this size the lift is also suitable for transporting an electric wheelchair. However, the home lift can also be supplied in smaller and larger sizes.

What is important when considering a home lift and a passenger lift is the number of floors the lift is intended for. If the lift is required for more than 3 floors, the lower speed makes the home lift less suitable. Queues at the lift can then cause irritation for the user. However, if the lift is only intended for transporting someone in a wheelchair in a 2-storey house, for example, a home lift is the ideal solution.

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