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Can I install a home lift outside?

It is possible to place a home lift outside the house. Placing a home lift outside the home is the solution if there is in the home or the property too little space is for an lift. The home lift outside is placed against the facade. An architectural or masonry shaftshaft is necessary in some cases.

Do I need planning permission for an outdoor home lift?

In contrast to the home lift inside, the construction of a home lift outside requires a building permit. The municipality issues building permits for outdoor home lifts. The question that must be answered in the permit application, among other things, is who owns the land on which the lift shaft for the home lift will be placed outside. During construction, all circulation areas on the floors must be arranged and adapted differently.

What to consider when using a home lift outside the house

Depending on the placement, a shaft can obstruct the view inside, so the location of the outside lift is important. Also, the appearance of the shaft, if necessary, should be carefully considered when using an outdoor home lift; after all, the face of the house or apartment building changes as a result.

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