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Which suppliers of stairlifts are there?

There are a lot of stairlift suppliers. Roughly speaking, these can be divided into suppliers who make their own stairlifts and suppliers who supply multiple brands of stairlifts. There are also suppliers for used stairlifts. The best-known and most frequently used stairlift suppliers are the following (in alphabetical and therefore random order):

Below you will find a short description of the mentioned supplier.

More about stairlift suppliers


This supplier from Heerhugowaard was founded in 1886 (originally Jan Hamer & Co) and claims the design of the first stairlift in Europe in 1962. Handicare cooperates with two factories, one in the Netherlands and one in England. A little over 75 years after the creation of Liftenfabriek Jan Hamer & Co, the idea for the first chairlift was born. Mr. Mulder's grandson was in America in 1960 when he first came into contact with this product. He was so impressed with the product that he decided to develop a stairlift for the Dutch market. The first European stairlift followed in 1962. (source: Handicare)

Otolift stairlifts

Otolift stairlifts has been making stairlifts for almost fifty years and is a well-known market leader. The family business has branches throughout the Netherlands and therefore a high coverage ratio. Otolift's factory is located in the Netherlands, making fast delivery and service possible. When in a hurry Otolift even delivers within a week. On average it takes three weeks. Otolift Stairlifts delivers all over Europe from the Netherlands.


PractiComfort is a Dutch company that, in addition to lifts, also supplies many other products aimed at improving mobility. PractiComfort buys the stairlifts and places them with warranty and service. They purchase stairlifts from ThyssenKrubb, HandiCare and also from the English company Platinum Stairlifts. They also supply mobility scooters, mopeds, armchairs, bath lifts, boarding baths and house lifts.


In addition to the delivery of new lifts, Stannah also offers the rental of stairlifts and second second-hand lifts. Stannah comes from England and delivers to more than fifty countries. Stannah offers the repurchase service when the user no longer needs the lift. Stannah Stairlifts is an almost 150-year-old family business dedicated to quality, safety and solid service. We actively work to build a relationship of trust with our customers so that they know they can always rely on us when investing in a stairlift. (source: Stannah)


Smienk has specialized in second-hand stairlifts. For affordable second-hand stairlifts, you can contact Smienk.


Thyssenkrupp an originally German company established in the Netherlands in Krimpen aan de IJssel. ThyssenKrupp is one of the largest stairlift suppliers in the world and has showrooms throughout the country. ThyssenKrupp also facilitates so-called 'viewing days' at people's homes so that a future customer can clearly see what a stairlift looks like and how it works. ThyssenKrupp also offers the possibility of renting a stairlift and is also specialized in all other types of lifts and mechanical staircases.


Triwa is an originally Dutch company that may be less known as a supplier but is very competitive when it comes to the supply of stairlifts. Especially the more special stairlifts, for example, a stairlift that makes the best use of the available space and stairlifts especially for overweight people, are the specialty of Triwa. With Triwa stairlifts work-driven, professional professionals. As we have a lot of experience and expertise at our company and work in a customer-oriented manner, we know how to find the most suitable solution for each customer's specific situation. (Source: Triwa)

All suppliers 

Provider Species Price class Buying/rental
Handicare Manufacturer Medium to high Buy
Otolift Manufacturer Medium to high Sale and rent
PractiComfort Supplier Medium to high Sale and rent
RecentLift Two-handed Low to medium Buy
Stannah Manufacturer Medium to high Purchase
Smienk Two-handed Low to medium Buy
ThyssenKrupp Manufacturer High Sale and rent
TipTop Two-handed Low to medium Buy
Triwa Manufacturer Medium to high Sale and rent

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