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Top 5 decision points when purchasing a stairlift?

1. Measuring is knowing.

The installation of a stairlift is always made to measure. The first and perhaps most important point, therefore, is to measure the exact dimensions of the stairs. The installation of a stairlift is always made-to-measure because no two staircases are the same. That is why the first step before installation always consists of exactly measuring your stairs and the route the stairlift has to take. The exact measurement of your stairs and therefore the available space for the stairlift usually determines the choice for an inner or outer curve. Sometimes the choice for an inner or outer bend is more practical and economical in saving walking space. All stairlifts can be mounted in both the inside and outside curves if there is room for this. In the case of very narrow staircases, the choice is more limited than in the case of wider staircases.

2. Personal wishes and preferences.

These also play a major role when choosing a stairlift. For example, there are various options for bends, assembly and for entry and exit at the bottom and top. These choices are also partly dependent on the technical possibilities in your home. You can choose straight stairlifts without a curve, stairlifts with one curve and stairlifts with several curves. Depending on the shape of your staircase and the number of bends, it must be determined what type of stairlift is needed and possible in your home. The assembly of a stairlift on a straight staircase is usually the easiest. This requires little technically complicated assembly work and less customization than with stairs with a bend or several bends. The delivery time for a stairlift with a bend or multiple bends is usually also a bit longer than the delivery time for a straight stairlift. This is because the rail system must fit perfectly and must therefore always be made to measure after accurate measurements, which sometimes requires a little more delivery time. The assembly time, on the other hand, is the same for both straight stairs and stairs with bends. The stairlift is almost always installed within one day.

3. The choice of the type of chair.

The choice of chair can make a lot of difference in ease of use. For example, for stairlifts with one or more bends, it is pleasant and above all practical to purchase a rotating chair. This prevents you from turning with your face to the wall when cornering.

4. The lifting capacity.

Always pay attention to the maximum lifting capacity: this is the maximum weight the lift can carry. Depending on your situation and circumstances, this maximum lifting capacity can play a role in the choice of purchase. Have the lift supplier give you good advice on this.

5. The maintenance contract

Finally, the choice of the maintenance contract is of great importance after the purchase and construction of the stairlift. A periodic maintenance and safety check is essential and sensible. Most lift suppliers offer different types of maintenance contracts.

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