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Using a wheelchair with a stairlift?

Traditional stairlifts are not made for wheelchair use. There are, however, stairlifts for wheelchair use. These stairlifts contain a platform on which there is enough space to place a wheelchair.

Platform lifts

These stairlifts are also called (stair) platform lifts. The stairs on which this platform lift is placed must be wide enough for this construction. The lift engineer must measure the stairs accurately in advance to determine whether the stairlift can also be suitable for wheelchair use. The costs for these platform lifts are 25% to 50% higher than a normal stairlift.


But the costs for a stairlift are often less than the alternative; moving to a ground floor home or another suitable home. The price of stairlifts for wheelchair use is also higher due to the fact that the installation often means real customization and more material and technology is required. The lifting capacity of a stairlift is much higher than a normal house lift and the lift must always be foldable in order to save space in resting position and to free up the stairs. A stairlift for wheelchair use is therefore quite possible, provided that the space available on the stairs allows it.

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