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Reconditioned Stairlift

You are getting older but would like to continue living in your own home, a good idea. But your home may need some adjustments to make this possible. Removing thresholds and installing a stairlift are things that often turn out to be necessary. Stairlifts help you stay independent for longer and enable you to use your entire home for longer. It is not necessary to create a bedroom downstairs. Your stairlift will take you safely up and down stairs and can be installed on any type of staircase. Of course, it is quite an investment. Therefore, you may also consider purchasing a second-hand stairlift. The market for these second-hand stairlifts is good and also sustainable. Due to the large number of people who continue to live at home until they die, the supply of second-hand stairlifts has increased significantly in recent years. You are choosing a durable and cost-effective solution.

Pre Used stairlift

In recent years, the government has been encouraging people to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. Due to the closure of sheltered housing and nursing homes, around 100,000 older people will have to continue living in their own homes over the next few years, even if the home is not very suitable for this. The solution is to make the house ready for a period in which you can no longer do everything. This is called making your home fit for life. Removing obstacles such as thresholds and steps, adjusting the walking routes in your house, making locks and doors easier to open and close are some of these standard adaptations. In houses with stairs to upper floors or from a porch, installing a stair lift will also be essential. The optimisation of your home into a safe, life-proof home can cost quite a bit of money. One of the things that you may be able to save on is the stairlift. The stair lift will generally be the most expensive modification and it is precisely this modification that can be made smarter and cheaper. Due to the great need and demand for stairlifts in recent years, the supply of second-hand stairlifts has also grown considerably.

Stairlift options for you

The type of stairlift and the specific model that will fit in your home is something that you will need specialist advice on. Once you know what kind of stairlift you need, you can start a search on the second-hand market. Always have your stairlift installed and fitted by expert fitters, and be sure to ask for help measuring your stairs before purchasing a stairlift. Of course, instead of a stairlift, you can also opt for a home lift; the possibilities in that area are also great. Liftoffertes is your stairlift specialist and will guide you in making the right choice.

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