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We are proud to say that Handicare is one of our lift partners. Nevertheless, we have tried to compile the information below as objectively as possible. Handicare is a stairlift producer that is located in the Noord-Holland Heerhugowaard. Handicare sells both first- and second-hand stairlifts, in addition, you can also rent stairlifts from them. By means of the stairlifts, they try to make the lives of their customers as simple as possible. The slogan of Handicare is therefore: 'Make everyday life easier'.

Price-quality matrix

Liftoffertes offers people, who are looking for a stairlift, the possibility to request several stairlift quotations in one go. As soon as the quotations have been received they can be compared on price and quality, among other things. Lift companies all over the Netherlands join Liftoffertes. These are both big players and small players within the lift industry. In the field of stairlifts, lift companies can distinguish themselves in quality and price. For this reason, a matrix has been created of which stairlift brands deliver the best quality and which lift companies offer the cheapest prices. This so-called price-quality matrix has been developed by Liftoffertes itself. The matrix has been developed with results from research and from our own experiences with the companies.
(see figure 10)

image 10 matrix with logos of stairlift brands
Figure 10

Reviews on the internet

Handicare gets good reviews on websites like Feedback Company and Google. More than 780 reviewers rated Handicare with an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. At Google, it is 16 reviews with the same score. (see image 3)

image 2 of reviews from feedbackcompany and Google about Handicare stairlifts
Image 3

What determines the price of a new lift?

Different factors have to be taken into account when purchasing a new lift. These factors also influence the price of the new lift. There are different types of lifts, for example, house lifts, stairlift and personal lifts. Each type of lift has its own factors to take into account.

Stairlift (£2,100 - £6,000)

  • Number of floors
  • Number bends in the stairs
  • Luxe of the stairlift (model type and extra options)

Home lift (£10,000 - £21,000)

Passenger lift (£18,000 - £30,000)

  • The lifting capacity of the lift
  • Number of stops
  • The available space determines the maximum dimensions of a passenger lift
  • Drive
  • Standard or luxury lift
  • Cabin size of the lift

What determines the price of lift maintenance?

When concluding a maintenance contract for your lift you can often choose between different types of contracts. These contract types influence the price of the maintenance contract. In addition to the type of maintenance contract, the intensity of use of the lift and the current state of the lift also influence the price of the maintenance contract. Read more about the important details of lift maintenance contracts Each lift company has its own contract but often the contracts correspond to each other. Below you will find the most common maintenance contracts in the lift industry.

Standard contract

Standard maintenance is included in this contract such as inspection and cleaning of the lift. Preventive maintenance is also included. In addition, lubricant and small materials are often included in this contract type.

Extended contract

In addition to inspection and cleaning, the extended contract also includes some repairs. We also look at technical problems that might appear in the future and they will be remedied. Furthermore, a mechanic will be present to assist during the periodic inspection of the lift.

All-in contract

History of birth Handicare

Handicare has been in the business for many years. Jan Hamer founded the company as early as 1886. Initially for the sale of lifts. Three years later Mr. Mulder joined the company and changed the name to Jan Hamer & Co. The company grew rapidly and soon became the largest lift manufacturer in the Netherlands. Mr. Jan Hamer died in 1919 but the company remained in existence and Mr. Mulder took over.
In 1960 the idea for the chairlift came up for the first time. This was because Mr. Mulder had come across a chairlift in America for the first time in his life. Once back in the Netherlands, he decided to develop stairlifts as well. Two years later the first European chairlift was on the market.

Name change

The company of Jan Hamer and Mr. Mulder has undergone a few name changes. In the eighties, the company was taken over by Otis just like another lift company called Brinkman. Jan Hamer & Co and Brinkman were merged by Otis into Liftenfabriek Brinkman Jan Hamer. A little over ten years later the company became independent again and continued under a new name called Freelift bv. Freelift bv would fully focus on the stairlift industry. At the end of 2007 Freelift bv became part of the Handicare Group. This is an international company based in Norway. The company's name was changed to Handicare Stairlifts BV. Factories of Handicare Stairlifts BV are located in the Netherlands, England, France and Germany.

National quality mark

Handicare Stairlifts BV has already helped more than 700.000 people with a stairlift. In addition, in 2016 it was awarded the certificate of the 'National Quality Mark for Appliances'. Handicare is currently the first and only stairlift manufacturer with this quality mark. The quality mark shows that the company complies with all strict quality requirements.


Handicare is 130 years old and has so much experience in the lift industry. Handicare sells first and second-hand stairlifts and also rents them out. Renting stairlifts is a service that not many stairlift suppliers use. Handicare technicians are spread all over the Netherlands. Therefore Handicare offers a 24-hour service 7 days a week. Handicare stairlifts are produced according to the quality guidelines but it can still happen that a Handicare stairlift malfunctions. If this happens the Handicare mechanics can be present within one day to solve this problem. Handicare stairlifts are possible on every staircase. It doesn't matter if your staircase has one, two or no bends, the stairlifts are custom made. According to Handicare, they have the largest range of stairlifts and the delivery time is only one week.

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Active in which region?

Handicare is active throughout the Netherlands. Furthermore, Handicare Stairlifts BV has branches in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Organization size

In 2010, Handicare employed 200 people.

Offices Handicare

The head office is of Handicare Stairlifts UK is located at 82 First Avenue, Pensnett Estate Kingswinford West Midlands DY6 7FJ.

Speed response in the event of a failure

Handicare has a 24/7 telephone number for malfunctions and advice. Response time to faults is within 24 hours. Get more free and no-obligation quotes for different lift brands here. Want to know more about lifts see topics below.

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