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What type of passenger lifts are there?

Traction lifts

Electric lifts or traction lifts are lifts that can reach a very high speed. The construction consists of a lift cage suspended from belts or cables. The lift is moved up and down by friction (traction) between the belts/hoisting cables and the grooves of the traction sheave. The belts run the traction sheaves which are driven by electronic rotary motors.

Hydraulic lifts

Hydraulic lifts are lifts with a lower lifting height than electric lifts. Hydraulic lifts can also make less speed, this is due to the use of the oil (the hydraulics) that moves at higher speed. By letting the oil flow in and out of the plungers, the lift goes up and down. The hydraulic lift requires a separate space for the pump, motor and other necessary technology. Hydraulic lifts are used for moving heavy loads.

Platform lifts

Platform lifts differ from the other types of lifts in operation and speed. The operation of a platform lift often consists of so-called 'hold control' where a button or a key must be constantly held in order to set the lift in motion and keep it moving. This is in contrast to the takeover control which is usually used by the other types of passenger lifts. The construction of a platform lift usually consists of a scissor lift or a mast lift with a large platform.

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