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How safe is a stairlift?

Safety comes first in the construction and installation of a stairlift. The fitters ensure that the installation will comply with all legal standards and (local) safety requirements.

Safety requirements

The most important safety requirements are the following: start block that prevents the lift from leaving before you are seated in it; the clamping protection of the footboard and protective covers; the double battery that serves during power failures; the presence and proper functioning of a safety belt and the installation of a safety rail that prevents clothing from getting caught in it.

Emergency stop

Also, the automatic stop ensures that the lift stops when something is on the stairs and the emergency stop and key lock promote the safety of the stairlift.

Extra safety options

In addition to these standard safety requirements, there are always additional safety options from which you can select when selecting a stairlift. An example of this is the swivel chair which makes it easy for you to get in and out of the stairlift. A parking space at the top and bottom of the stairs is also an extra option that ensures the safety of the stairlift.

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