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We are proud to say that KONE is one of our lift partners. Nevertheless, we have tried to compile the following information as objectively as possible.

Price/Quality ratio KONE

  • Good quality service/lifts. KONE distinguishes itself by providing a high level of service and quality. They achieve this by, among other things, the use of annual customer satisfaction surveys and by working in a process-oriented manner. This process-oriented work has led to all KONE offices, factories and R&D being ISO 9001 certified. All these points led to high-quality lifts and a high level of service. This is demonstrated, for example, by the fact that the lift mechanics are on site within 36 minutes on average. KONE has the most technicians per square kilometer.
  • Price. This high quality of lifts and service also leads to somewhat higher prices than average for lift maintenance. As far as the purchase of a new lift is concerned, the prices can be called average or even low, especially if you compare them with prices of lifts that come close to the quality of a KONE lift.

Reviews on the internet

KONE gets good reviews on Google's website. 21 reviewers rated Kone with an average of 3.7 stars out of 5. (see picture 4)

image 6 of Google's reviews of Kone Liften
Picture 4

Price-quality matrix

Liftoffertes offers people, who are looking for lift maintenance, the possibility to request several quotations at once. Once the quotations have been received, they can be compared with each other on price and quality, among other things. Lift companies all over the Netherlands join Liftoffertes. These are both large and small players within the lift industry. In the field of maintenance lift companies can distinguish themselves in quality and price. This is why a matrix has been created of which lift companies deliver the best quality and which lift companies offer the cheapest prices. This so-called price-quality matrix has been developed by Liftoffertes itself. The matrix has been developed with results from research and from our own experiences with the companies.

image 8 matrix with logos of lift brands
Image 8

What determines the price of a new lift?

Different factors have to be taken into account when purchasing a new lift. These factors also influence the price of the new lift. There are different types of lifts, for example, house lifts, stairlift and personal lifts. Each type of lift has its own factors to take into account.

Stairlift (£2,500 - £10,000)

  • Number of floors
  • Number of curves in the stairs
  • Luxe of the stairlift (model type and extra options)

Home lift (£10,000 - £21,000)

Person lift (£18,000 - £30,000)

  • The lifting capacity of the lift
  • Number of stops
  • The available space determines the maximum dimensions of a passenger lift
  • Drive
  • Standard or luxury lift
  • Cabin size of the lift

What determines the price of lift maintenance?

When concluding a maintenance contract for your lift you can often choose between different types of contracts. These contract types influence the price of the maintenance contract. In addition to the type of maintenance contract, the intensity of use of the lift and the current state of the lift also influence the price of the maintenance contract. Read more about the important details of a lift maintenance contract. Each lift company has its own contract but often the contracts correspond to each other. Below you will find the most common maintenance contracts in the lift industry.

Standard contract

Standard maintenance is included in this contract such as inspection and cleaning of the lift. Preventive maintenance is also included. In addition, lubricant and small materials are often included in this contract type.

Extended contract

In addition to inspection and cleaning, the extended contract also includes some repairs. We also look at technical problems that might come to light in the future and they will be remedied. Furthermore, a mechanic will be present to assist during the periodic inspection of the lift.

All-in contract

All-in contracts often include all costs. The repair costs, for example, are already included. The all-in contract is the most expensive contract there is, but it does cover major repairs and replacements.

Entrance history KONE

KONE was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in Espoo near Helsinki, Finland. KONE is an international engineering and service company with approximately 55,000 employees in 60 countries worldwide. In addition, KONE builds and maintains automatic moving walkways, doors and gates, escalators and lifts. The company provides local service for builders, developers, building owners, designers and architects in 1,000 offices in more than 50 countries. Since 1924 KONE has been owned by a well-known Finnish family; Herlin. After taking over the company in 1924, Harald Herlin was chairman of the company until 1941. After that, his son Heikki H. Herlin took over from his father from 1941-1987. Control of the company was then transferred to his son Pekka Herlin, who he retained from 1987-2003. The current Chairman of the Board of Directors of KONE from 2003 is Antti Herlin, the son of Pekka Herlin. In Finnish, KONE means "machine" or "apparatus".

What services and lifts does KONE provide

KONE builds installed and serviced automatic moving walkways, escalators, doors and gates, escalators, passenger lifts and house lifts. In addition, KONE also carries out lift renovations and lift modifications.

Active in the following region

KONE lifts delivers its products and also provides service throughout the Netherlands. In addition, KONE has branches in more than 50 countries.

Organisation KONE

KONE lifts employs 55,075 people worldwide. In the Netherlands, KONE has offices in Veenendaal and The Hague. KONE has the most lift mechanics per square kilometer in the Netherlands. The speed response in the event of a malfunction is 36 minutes.

What comparable brands are there in the Netherlands?

Companies that are more or less comparable in terms of service-area, great service and prices. - AESY Liften  - Otis - Otolift - Schindler 

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