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What and why is a lift renovation needed?

Each lift needs a little more maintenance at some point in the form of a real refurbishment, or lift renovation. The lift may be obsolete or worn out, which may mean that the controls have to be replaced or the interior has to be altered and modernised.

Safety requirements

Safety requirements may also change, as a result of which (older) lifts require certain modifications. It is not always necessary to completely replace an older lift, often through modernisation of the installation and related matters, lift renovation is a more economical alternative.


When modernising a lift, the interior can be adapted to the requirements and 'look and feel' of our time and parts and/or the entire controls can be replaced. If really everything needs to be tackled, then installing an entirely new lift is sometimes the best option. Safety comes first, also in lift renovation.

Weighing in whole or in part?

The consideration of modernisation or total or partial replacement always depends on safety and all the safety requirements that a modern lift must meet. In addition, it is cost effective to modernise a lift, despite an initial outlay.

Replacing parts

The lift can become more reliable (and therefore safer) by replacing parts and this can lead to less maintenance and therefore lower costs. In addition, replacing specific parts will make the lift more efficient and therefore more energy efficient.


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