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Lift modernization

The professional modernisation of a lift is becoming more and more common and on a larger scale. Not so strange actually, given the current sustainability requirements. Modernising an obsolete lift can have considerable advantages and can also save you considerable costs. Replacing a lift is often the more expensive and complicated choice. Of course it depends on several factors whether modernisation is the best choice and we will explain these in detail below so that the choice between replacing or modernising becomes responsible and easy.

Lift modernization versus replacement

If a lift has to be replaced, it is a large-scale conversion, usually involving the installation of a new lift in the existing shaft. Sometimes even the shaft is so outdated that it also needs to be rebuilt. When modernising, this is all a bit simpler and only components of the existing lift are replaced and thus modernised. This includes modernising the safety, lifespan and reliability of the lift. After an average of 15 years, almost every lift is in need of modernisation. Exactly when it needs to be done always depends on the intensity of use of the lift. A less frequently used lift will, of course, last longer as a rule. However, some components need to be modernised due to renewed safety requirements of the periodic inspection, and modernising them is then not always due to poor performance but rather to renewed and improved insights in this area. For the certification of lifts it is of course very important that your lift is up to date in this respect and meets the latest requirements and qualifications.

Sometimes it is no longer profitable to modernise a lift. If (almost) all components are outdated and in need of replacement to keep the lift safe and reliable, then replacement is usually the best option. It is therefore usually more economical to choose for this option, moreover, the advantages of a completely new lift are of course also great. The most modern systems guarantee considerably more safety and reliability than really outdated or somewhat patchy systems.

Modernising an Elevator

The modernisation of a lift involves various aspects. First of all, an inventory has to be made of exactly which components need to be replaced. The most common components to be replaced are: frequency control, control, doors, operator, signalling and interior. The multi-annual budget usually states an order of replacement so that these components do not always have to be replaced at the same time. The long-term budget is always based on the checks of your installations. On this basis, it is possible to spread some costs and in any case to foresee and plan them well in advance. In the context of sustainability, replacing components is a good and usually affordable solution to keep your lift safe and up to date.

Most lift suppliers and their mechanics work for the following modernisation process: Inventory and investigation of possible lift components to be replaced; based on the diagnosis of these components, they determine which components need to be replaced and which are good and which may need to be replaced at a later date; after that, the lift owner makes the decision about the work to be carried out and provides you with the most accurate possible planning for the execution and delivery. It is advisable to initiate this process yourself if your installer does not come up with it, this way you will keep everything clear and comprehensible for all stakeholders.

Lift modernisation costs

The cost of modernising your lift depends on the number of components that need to be replaced. It is not easy to say what this will cost in total. Sometimes it involves small adjustments and sometimes a major professional modernisation is required. The costs can therefore only be determined after an inventory and diagnosis of these components. However, it is a good idea to decide in advance what will and will not be modernised and to determine the costs in advance as much as possible.

When choosing to modernise lift

  • If the technique is outdated
  • If the ease of operation and lift comfort is no longer up to date
  • If the lift is fault-prone and often at a standstill
  • If the lift no longer looks good due to wear and tear, damage or vandalism
  • If the lift no longer complies with current safety requirements
  • If the lift is no longer energy-efficient

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