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What legislation applies to lift renovation?

The legal frameworks must be taken into account when considering lift renovation or lift replacement. When it comes to lift renovation, the standard that applied when the lift was put into operation remains in force. This can be either NEN 1081 or EN 81-1/2. In the case of lift renovation, the current standard applies to new lifts. If the lift is put into service before 31 August 2017, this can be EN 81-1/2, but also EN 81-20. If the lift is put into operation after 31 August 2017, only EN 81-20 will still apply.

Standards differ

The standards differ as follows: with older lifts, the minimum required free space above and below the lift car is more limited than with the new standard. When a lift is renewed, the new standard must be met, which differs from the older standard in terms of space. Therefore, more space usually needs to be created.

Lift requirements

The requirements for lifts built under standard EN 81-20 are usually more extensive when it comes to the spaces above and below the shaft of lifts than those of lifts built under standard EN 81-1/2. Until 31 August 2017, the standard EN 81-1/2 may still be used, so when considering renovating and/or renewing lifts still built under the standard NEN 1081 or EN 81-1/2 and which have too little space above and/or below, some haste is now required.

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