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What is the step-by-step plan for lift renovation?

When considering renovating a lift, it must first be determined whether the renovation is technically necessary and whether certain risks must be removed, such as safety or fidelity risks. In addition, it is important whether there are essential requirements of future and current users that must be met. These can also be aesthetic issues. Subsequently, the budget must be sufficient for the desired renovation. Finally, a well-considered choice must be made as to which company will carry out the lift renovation.

Tap plan

To make it easier to understand, you will find below a step-by-step plan that can be followed before, during and after the lift renovation:

  1. Determine whether the renovation is necessary and possible;

  2. Determine the scope of the renovation;

  3. Please draw up a renovation specification, including replacement transport;

  4. Select providers;

  5. Request quotations;

  6. Let the lift be watched by lift operators;

  7. Bassess the offers, based on criteria formulated in advance;

  8. Send the order;

  9. inform lift users about upcoming work (and planning);

  10. Kick-off of the execution;

  11. Determine the final planning;

  12. inform lift users about the final planning;

  13. Let interim construction inspections be carried out;

  14. Organise delivery and first inspection;

  15. Determine in advance how maintenance will be arranged after the renovation.

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