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What are the costs of a lift renovation?

Cage closure

€ 6,000

Regulated drive

€ 16.000

Speak-listen connection

€ 850

High security doors

€ 1,400

Cage emergency lighting

€ 400

Fetch/speed limiter

€ 6.000

Saving costs

In order to save costs, lift renovation is often a good option compared to complete lift replacement. To keep costs as low as possible, it may be wise to go through the following step-by-step plan before and after the decision to refurbish the lift:

  • Research into the possibility of renovation.
  • Determining the scope of the lift renovation
  • Research on providers for lift renovation.
  • Requesting quotations from suppliers.
  • Screening of the lift by the providers.
  • Assessing the quotes.
  • Giving the order.
  • Determining the planning.
  • Information of lift users.
  • Organizing delivery and inspection.

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