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How often should a passenger lift be maintained?

The frequency of maintenance of a passenger lift depends on the use and the maintenance contract concluded. Sometimes elevators are only maintained once a year, for other elevators the advice is to schedule a minimum of four maintenance cycles per year. Regular maintenance usually prevents malfunctions and additional repair costs.

The choice for a maintenance contract

When entering into maintenance contracts, it is wise to proceed thoroughly. The choice for a cheap maintenance contract can sometimes mean that a mechanic has to wait longer or that parts are not immediately available.

Compare providers

When comparing different providers for the maintenance of a passenger lift, it is wise to pay attention to at least the following:

  • Coverage of the maintenance company: how long does it take for the mechanic to be on site?
  • Online services: to what extent can the specifications of the passenger lift be found on the internet?
  • Customer service: how good and how quickly is customer service available?
  • Mechanics: what are the working hours of the mechanics? Do the mechanics also work outside office hours?
  • The legal requirements and safety regulations: does the company comply with them?

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