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What are the costs for the maintenance of a passenger lift?

According to the central government the smaller repairs to the lift are for the account of the tenant and the larger repairs for the landlord. The landlord may charge the tenant for service costs for the lift.

The cost of lift maintenance

The costs for a maintenance contract for a passenger lift vary considerably and depend not only on the frequency and type of maintenance of the passenger lift, but also on predetermined performance requirements, for example.

Technical faults

In the maintenance contract for the passenger lift a maximum number of (technical) faults can be included with a guarantee of approval. The company's specialization in lift maintenance can also determine the price. Some older passenger elevators cannot just be maintained by every company. After modernization of older passenger elevators it is advisable to immediately request a maintenance quote that takes into account the specifications of the lift.

What to pay attention to in the maintenance contract

Smaller lift companies often charge lower prices than larger lift companies, but again it is important to pay close attention to the possibilities of passenger lift maintenance. Issues such as specialization of the company; coverage; accessibility of the mechanics, customer service and online environment and the legal requirements and safety regulations play a role in the choice of lift maintenance.

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