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Which legislation applies to the maintenance of passenger elevators?

The Lifts Directive sets requirements for the safety regulations and the inspection process of passenger elevators. The Commodities Act Decree states, among other things, that every lift must be periodically inspected. From a legal point of view, the owner of an lift is obliged to carry out maintenance.

Periodic inspections

Twelve months after commissioning of the lift, the first periodic inspection must take place. During the periodic inspection it is mandatory to have an lift mechanic assist you. These periodic inspections must then take place once every 18 months.

The number of maintenance sessions

The amount of maintenance required for an lift is highly dependent on the age, the intensity of use and the condition of the lift. Usually, more maintenance will greatly improve the life of your lift. A minimum of four maintenance cycles per year is recommended for an lift that is used intensively.

TIP: Walk along with an lift inspection or maintenance, this way you get a better view on what's going on.

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