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What are the regulations concerning the passenger lift?

All regulations concerning the installation and operation of passenger lifts are aimed at the safety of the user of the passenger lift and the safety of the person who has to work on the passenger lift. This includes regulations concerning the functioning and safety of the installation and control technology of the passenger lift. There are specific regulations for the following components of the system and control technology: mandatory risk analysis, essential safety requirements, general safety requirements, cage construction, suspension and load restraint. Specifications of these regulations concerning the installation and control of the passenger lift can be found in both the Machinery Directive and the Lifts Directive.

Commodities Decree Liften

The Lifts (Commodities Act) Decree stipulates that lifts must be inspected in the Netherlands. In this decree are the European directives with the essential safety requirements for lifts and the inspection process in the new construction phase of the passenger lift. The regulations stipulate that lifts must be periodically inspected. These inspections during the so-called use phase of the passenger lift may only be carried out by an institution appointed by the Dutch government. The first periodical inspection must take place twelve months after the lift has been put into operation, thereafter every eighteen months. During an inspection, in accordance with the regulations, it must be tested whether the installation of the passenger lift is still safe and whether it still meets all manufacturing and occupational health and safety requirements.

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