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Lift Digitizing

Thanks to new digital developments it is now possible to modernise your old(er) lift and provide it with all kinds of digital gadgets. Think of handy digital applications, such as a smart light system that works with sensors and also voice-controlled operation, for example. Digital developments also make maintenance a lot more efficient: by having the system send data to the cloud, a link can be made with data about the optimal functioning of the lift. Is something wrong or does something not quite go as intended? Then the service engineer receives a digital signal and contacts the owner of the lift to repair or optimise as quickly as possible.

Different apps in the lift

Different apps, such as Alexa and brand related apps can also be linked to the system. In this way, all systems 'talk' to each other and maintenance and service can be optimally coordinated. This drastically reduces the chance of a faulty lift or a sudden repair. Wear and tear, deviations, technical problems are reported immediately and reach the right parties via the right digital channels. More advanced matters such as a blind-square app or voice-related operating systems are now also possible and make the lift not only more modern, but also more accessible to everyone.

Never again locked in the lift

A very nice new application is that more and more lifts have a speech-listening connection, with which a trapped lift passenger can call for help. No more alarm bells or a number that the passenger has to call but simply ask for help voice-activated. As these lifts can therefore also be linked to computer networks via internet applications, it is also possible to link certain automation and computer systems to exchange lift information. Increasingly, however, brand-independent communication systems are being used. These have the advantage that the owner can easily change maintenance companies without having to replace the speech-listening connection.

Remote communication systems

Most of the possibilities are offered by the brand-dependent communication systems that large manufacturers, such as Otis, KONE and Schindler, provide with new lifts and which they maintain themselves. This allows these brands to have a very focused view of the lift control from a distance. By doing so, not only does the problem become clear, but also the cause. This also makes it increasingly possible to carry out repairs remotely.

Lift modernisation and digitisation costs

Made the digital shift

Make the digital shifts let your lift digitalize and go for the infinite possibilities that these new developments offer. Find out about the possibilities and put your lift in the lift.

  • If the technique is outdated
  • If the ease of operation and lift comfort is no longer up to date
  • If the lift does not have a good display
  • If the lift no longer looks good due to wear and tear, damage or vandalism
  • If the lift no longer complies with current safety requirements
  • If the lift is no longer energy-efficient

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