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How do I choose between a passenger lift or a house lift?

The question of whether there should be a passenger lift or a house lift depends on the specific situation where the lift will be installed and depends on the needs and wishes and the budget of future users. A passenger lift is a lift manufactured under the Lifts Directive 89/16/EC. A house lift is covered by the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


The first difference between a house lift and a passenger lift lies in its legal designation: since 2010, the Machinery Directive has been in force which stipulates that a lift with a speed of less than 0.15 metres per second is no longer called a lift, but a machine lift or house lift. If certain safety measures are in place, the well of the house lift can be very shallow or even completely absent because no free space is required. The advantage of this is that the construction of this lift requires few modifications, which means that the architectural and construction costs are lower than with the installation of a 'normal' passenger lift. This is therefore the second difference; due to the relatively easy installation, the house lift is cheaper and less drastic than the installation of a regular passenger lift. A third difference is that the house hoist goes a lot slower than the passenger lift.

The home lift and the passenger lift

The home lift and the passenger lift have the following distinguishing features: - A home lift is required by the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC to be fully enclosed if there is operation (takeover control) on the platform and if the supporting structure (i.e. the platform) is fully enclosed. This means that the version is like a cabin lift with walls, ceiling and cabin door. - For a passenger lift, a lift with a higher lift speed (higher than 0.14 metres per second), the Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU applies, in which a lift pit and shaft knob are mandatory, unless the lift has a limit of 1.0 metres per second, in which case the passenger lift may be installed without a pit and shaft head.

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