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Tips for a Owners' Association for lift maintenance

When constructing, renovating, maintaining an lift by a Owners' Association, it is good to keep some things sharp:

Five tips
  • Precise job description: formulate the job as specific as possible. Preferably have this done by a specialist, so there is no discussion about extra risks and costs afterwards.


  • View the total cost: when evaluating quotations, often only the initial cost is considered, sometimes because of limited warranty or without material or labor costs, for example, these are not the most advantageous. Consider all options carefully and calculate the total cost.



  • earn on VAT: Gaining information about VAT benefits and good investments can sometimes be beneficial.



  • Critically review the lift service: carefully review the service of the maintenance contract. Regular evaluation can be a good analysis of the competition and can also serve as a Vve to know what the agreements made are.



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